Scholars Booklet and
Info Sheets

  • Scholars in Action spread of the Scholars Booklet
  • Interior spreads of the Scholars Booklet
  • Cover and interior spread of the Scholars Booklet
  • Scholars Booklets and Scholars Info Sheets
  • Date
    Fall 2015
  • Client
    UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Designer:
    Candace Cage

About this project

The Scholars Booklet and Info Sheets are just two of the many projects that partners Creative Services with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. These materials showcase the seven named scholars programs that UMBC is known for, and gives academically talented high school seniors an overview of the experience, as well as the benefits of the programs, directions on how to apply, and a listing of the majors and select internships that are offered within each program.

The expanded color palette of the Scholars Booklet creates a unique visual identity for each program; the piece also closely relates to other current Admissions materials through the incorporation of elements, such as typefaces and background textures, of the House of Grit campaign.

Candace Cage