• retriever logo
  • retriever secondary logo
  • the commons logo
  • career center logo
  • think create engage logo
  • sustainability matters secondary logo
  • chapter of young alumni logo
  • public policy 40th
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  • Clients:
  • Designers:
    Jim Lord '99
    Amanda Niesslein
    Candace Cage
    Layla Thompson

About these Brands

Creative Services is routinely asked to create brands for different departments and centers across campus. Here is a small sample of our branding work.

Included here are the Retrievers logo, The Commons logo, the Career Center logo, the think.create.engage logo, Sustainability Matters logo, CYA logo, and the Public Policy anniversary logo.

Creative Services has long been considered one of UMBC's best kept secrets. Many in the campus community are probably unaware that they interact with our branding work on a daily basis.

Jim Lord, Director